Thursday, December 13, 2012

Before Flying

Just wanted to post before flying tomorrow!


Teriyaki Chicken Bowl with Fries at Yoshinoya. It felt like I was back in secondary school when I was eating that. I still remember those times after school when Jieying and I would head over to Compass Point's Yoshinoya for lunch and then buy our hamster hay and food. Speaking of which, I really miss my hamster. 

Sushi looking super emo and cute on the couch. I'm so glad she's getting fluffier. 

We got her a new pink bed!!! And she loves to bring her stash of toys onto her bed and lie in front of them. That yellow thing at the back is one of her toys. 

She loves to sleep on my lap!

And when she does, she sometimes buries her head in the hole between my arm and my body.

Photos of Sushi below credited to Jieying haha. 

More food pictures!

Breaded Chicken with Fries.

Curry Chicken set with rice. It wasn't very nice, regrettably. 

Grilled Fish Sambal. 

Fish and Chips hehe. 

I can't wait for Christmas!!!


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