Monday, December 31, 2012



I can't believe 2012 has passed and its 2013 now. I can't wait for new beginnings and better days ahead. 2012 has been a strenuous year and I'm glad a new year has arrived.

So anyway!!! I went to Universal Studios Singapore yesterday for their Supernova Countdown Party and also to spend a whole day of fun there with Valencia, Daryl and Nadi.

The atmosphere was great! They gave out free party hats and those things that make trumpet noises when you blow on it. There were even lightsticks but we didn't manage to get any.

Anyway! We went early in the morning, around 9am plus. Surprisingly there were many people there despite it being a non public holiday.

The first thing we did was to try out the hats near the entrance! I took a Santa-ish hat with white dreadlocks hahaha. I think it was the Grinch?? Oh speaking of the Grinch, we saw it walking in the streets of USS and it completely scared us by making an abrupt face and shout.

At the Malaysian Food Street after the thrill-seeking people went to ride on the Mummy and Battlestar Galactica Human.

Forced to ride the Transformers ride with them. In a way, I wanted to try it because the last time I actually worked up my guts to queue for it, the ride broke down when I was halfway in the queue. But because I am a major coward when it comes to amusement park thrilling rides, I initially didn't want to even try it. BUT with the 'assurance' from Daryl and Nadi, which wasn't assuring at all, I decided to go for it and try it. After all, it IS the supposed Number 1 attraction in USS. So I took it, and I guess I didn't regret it at all. It was thrilling, definitely. But I was squinting my eyes throughout the whole ride and waiting for the imminent 'freefall' that was supposed to come. Turns out the freefall was actually not as scary as I expected, but overall the ride was horrific. Haha. Horrifically good.

With our USS Party Pack!! We went crazy after wearing these.

Ramen dinner!

Haha taking a picture with the Mummy ride as if I rode it hahahaha. The others rode it thrice I think. THRILL SEEKING PEOPLE.

ON THE BOAT RIDE WHICH MADE ME SO PARANOID THE WHOLE RIDE. I thought it was the 'SUDDENLY ACCELERATE AND DROP INTO THE WATER' boat ride but it turned out to be a slow boat ride. I completely couldn't enjoy the ride because of my paranoia -.-"'

With Marilyn Monroe who was actually really beautiful.

Waiting for Midnight.



Thanks for being awesome, guys!!! <3

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