Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tokyo Day 1 and 2

HI, I'M BACK FROM TOKYO! Really enjoyed the entire trip and made super awesome friends. I'm missing Tokyo and all the amazing people I met there very much now. I can't believe I even miss the weather there! 


At Hong Kong Airport with Genesis waiting to board the next plane to Tokyo. The transit time was three hours.

Bought train tickets to Ebisu station!

Dinner at Kommen Ramen was recommended by the hotel concierge. It was absolutely delicious. 

Christmas lights at Ebisu!


This Genesis actually wore just a T-SHIRT around the streets -.-"'. And I was wrapped up like a dumpling.

Weekend market (I think) at Ebisu!

At Shin-Okubo's Korean Town.

We had lunch at a Korean restaurant and the food was great!

Dessert was Peach Crepe and Matcha Frozen Yogurt!

After dessert, we headed to Harajuku for some shopping and Genesis bought her favourite red beanie there. We then rushed back to Ebisu, grabbed our luggages and headed to Shinjuku station to meet the others. 

Beef rice dinner at the Olympic Centre. 

Orientation consisted of attempting to use spaghetti sticks (which I unfortunately managed to break most with my butter fingers -.-"') and placing a single marshmallow above the 'tower'. Ours was failed by the way haha. 

Beanie that Genesis bought at Harajuku earlier that day. 

Okay, bye!

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