Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tokyo Day 5 and 6


Day 5

We headed straight to the University of Tokyo (Todai) after breakfast in the morning. The campus was so beautiful. They have a clock tower which looks so European and antique. And because it was winter, the trees were dead and there were brown leaves scattered about, which made it look like the setting from "Winter Sonata" hahaha.

Bento lunch. Chicken Karaage and a Beef Patty I think.

TEDEE Discussion. We had a panel discussion after that.

Dinner was like buffet style (?). There was food lined up on several tables and we sat down on the tatami to eat. I have no idea how the others managed to continue kneeling for the entire course of the meal and the social gathering after that because I just completely gave up and sat down instead haha.

Supper with Hanh, Happy, Genesis and Mizu because the dinner wasn't filling enough even though Gen and I devoured the pasta and even got another plate haha.

Day 6

Making our way to GREE and getting fascinated by the giant Tarantula (I think its a Tarantula). There were even eggs in its tummy!!!

Gen and I were super happy to get the cute water bottles from GREE. The designs were SO ADORABLE!!!

Lunch at GREE.

Case Discussion at IREP.

With Chiharu.

Our failed blur picture haha.

The guys.

With our free game cards from KONAMI.

Dinner at the lounge after the KONAMI visit. KONAMI was AMAZING. They brought us on a tour around their production rooms. We saw how they made the sounds for their games, how they edited their game previews etc etc. And we even got to watch the trailer for Metal Gear Revolution which is not due for release until January 2013. It was completely mindblowing and I was extremely touched when I left the room.

Walking around Roppongi.

Sea of Christmas lights that was absolutely breathtaking.

Okay bye!

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