Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tokyo Day 7

Update: Kommen Ramen on the first night in Tokyo. I really really crave that bowl of ramen that we had that night haha. It was amazing.

Update: At University of Tokyo

Update: KONAMI Visit. Our brilliant (hahaha) group idea.

Update: We played arcade games in KONAMI!

Update: Cards that we got from one of the machines!!!

Update: At the cards room (?) in KONAMI.

Day 7

Lunch at University of Tokyo.

Gen, Yixi, Paul and I headed to Shibuya to shop while the rest went to Odaiba after lunch! This is the famous Hachiko statue.

The famous crossing that can apparently be seen in every textbook that describes Tokyo.

Traditional Japanese Matcha Ice Cream with Dumplings and Red Bean. We literally kept bugging Paul to bring us to eat traditional Japanese Matcha ice cream. Gen and I, I mean. We were desperate for matcha flavoured food items haha.

Tempura Soba dinner which was super yummy!!!

This was so beautiful. The lights were changing colours and there were shadows of Disney characters moving about. Its a pity I couldn't capture the whole scene.

Christmas lights at Harajuku!

Takoyaki store in Harajuku. Their takoyaki is HUGE.

Bubble tea! I bought Matcha Milk Tea with Colourful Pearls hehe.


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