Friday, March 29, 2013

NUS Open Day

Outdated photos from Open Day! I wanted to be a tour guide on the tour buses initially, but I ended up getting assigned to being a Mascot Minder. Nevertheless, it was a fun and fulfilling, albeit tiring, day for me. Honestly, I feel like I had it much easier than the guys who had to dress up as Mascots. Everytime we saw them putting on the Mascot costume, it was like watching "soldiers go off to war".

Two Linus(es) getting prepared.

Team pictures :) We took the first one at the Photo Booth haha.

The different poses of enthusiastic Linus. 

 Linus exchanging a green tea bottle for a bottle of coke from the Coca Cola Machine.

And we kept bumping into the Sheares Hall Mascot. 

Linus and Linus kissing haha. 

We saw this creature (?) at Town Plaza. 

Ramen dinner with Alvin and Happy after the tiring day :)

Okay, bye!

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