Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tokyo Day 9 and 10

Just realised that I completely forgot about Tokyo Day 9 and 10!!! So here it is :)


Day 9's awesome breakfast at Yamanaka Lake! The food there is really served with a large portion and variety, and the atmosphere there was really comfortable as well.

We slept in rooms on tatami mats!!! :) It was a really novel experience!

Ichigo Daifuku which tasted absolutely delicious. I think this was one of the best things I ate during the Japan trip. This was bought near Mount Fuji, where the onsen (hot springs) was. The aunty was giving out huge chunks of free samples and I shamelessly took one and immediately fell in love with it. I HAD to buy it even though it was pretty expensive. Around SGD 7 to 8? :/

Those of us who skipped the onsen (Genesis, Pei, Jianan and I) went exploring around the area instead.

It REALLY REALLY looked like scenes from 'Winter Sonata'.

Mini Steamboat Lunch.

Eating our desserts ^^

I'm really in awe, looking through all these pictures. The scenery was absolutely amazing.

Mount Fuji.

And thus began our two/three hour journey back to Tokyo.

Gala Dinner.

Having supper after the Gala Dinner.

That night, we stayed up till 3 or 4am just to chat. Unfortunately, I had sore throat that very night. I don't know if that was considered lucky or unlucky, because at least I only fell sick on the last night of the trip.

DAY 10

The guys, who were extending their trip to travel to Osaka, woke up early to send us off.

At Haneda Airport.


Looking back at all these pictures made me start to miss the Tokyo trip again. I'm grateful for everything that I've experienced there, and for all the lovely people I met. Japan is awesome.

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