Monday, April 29, 2013


I'm now in the midst of this semester's final exams. Feeling really stressed at times that I could pull out all my hair. Just a few days ago, during the start of reading week, a first year student in Cinnamon College committed suicide. And it got me thinking, why would a seemingly fine and sane person be driven to commit suicide? The startling and sudden occurrence of this tragic incident on the week before the start of finals perhaps created a sense of communal sadness amongst all NUS students, maybe even university students in general. While I'm told not to feel stressed, how easy is it to be relaxed and still hope to get good grades? In this society and in this era, is it possible for a university student to not feel a tinge of anxiety as exams start to approach? Geniuses, perhaps. 

Regardless, I would like to pray for the soul of the student who unfortunately passed away from his suicide attempt. I pray that wherever he is, he may be in peace and that his family may find solace from the support and comfort of those around them. No one can condemn his act, for no one can truly understand the anguish and turmoil that he probably felt in the last moments of his life.That being said, I do not encourage the act of suicide. Rest in peace, fellow comrade. 

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