Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Had an advanced Father's Day dinner on Friday night. We dined at a Thai restaurant with reasonably good food to celebrate the occasion.

Beef slices with Thai Kai Lan.

Cereal Chicken. 

I've eaten Cereal Prawn all my life, but I've never heard of Cereal Chicken. We were curious and decided to order this dish. It was mildly spicy, and tasted pretty delicious! I devoured all the 'cereal'. 

Seafood Tomyum Soup.

Completely ignored my allergy and indulged in seafood. 

Dessert was Thai Red Ruby and Lychee Grass Jelly.

Next, we had a nice Father's Day breakfast.

Baker's Basket filled with a variety of bread, with an additional serving of sausages. 

Ham and Cheese Croissant.

High Tea. Sushi, scallops and Bundaberg.

These humongous scallops were absolutely amazing. They were tasty, juicy and completely out of this world!   I know I have a seafood allergy, but oh man, this was heavenly.

Last but not least, Chicken Rice. 

And a Happy Father's Day to all fathers out there! 
You deserve a hundred, even thousand, times the love you have given to your children. 

Thank you Daddy for giving me all the love I've had for these twenty years of my life. I love you.

ps* I won't be posting my father's pictures to protect his privacy.

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