Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Moping Around

Hi, extraordinary depressing day. I basically just moped around in my ugly pyjamas and devoured bowls of chocolate dipped in milk, with an extra dash (okay maybe not a dash, more like four huge tablespoonfuls) of Fruity Pebbles and laid in bed and stuffed myself with sugar until I felt mildly satisfied. Regardless, today has been a shitty day ever since I received that disgusting SMS early in the morning. If even Fruity Pebbles cannot brighten my day up, I wouldn't expect anything else to. Unless I suddenly strike the lottery. Which couldn't possibly happen because even two years after the legal age, I've yet to buy lottery. And yes I'm typing nonsense now because the overwhelming gloominess has gotten to my head and I'm slightly crazed. Okay goodbye.

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