Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mummy Exhibition

So yesterday I finally went for the long awaited Mummy Exhibition! I was really excited for it, after having anticipated attending it for several days. I didn't quite know what to expect when I arrived at the ArtScience Museum, but I hoped that it would be as interesting as the Harry Potter Exhibition last year. 

The exhibition started with a 3D film that explored the life of one of the mummies. Basically it revealed how scientists managed to discover details about the mummy's life, including his occupation and his age etc. I have never really enjoyed 3D films, partially because I never liked the 3D spectacles. They make me so giddy all the time. So throughout the film, I was holding on to the spectacles rather than wearing them, and constantly taking them off when there wasn't any special 3D effects. I have to admit, the film was pretty fascinating. It was nice going in depth regarding mummification. I half expected things such as scarabs to fly out of nowhere (It is a 3D film after all) but nothing thrilling happened. Regardless, the film was highly interesting. However we did notice that the supposed dead body of the mummy was breathing HAHA. 

Next we moved on to the actual exhibition. Many artifacts, including real unwrapped mummies, were put on display behind glass boxes. There was even a workshop for kids that taught them how to mummify a deceased. All I could think of, however, was how morbid a topic this is to teach kids. Imagine instructing a three year old kid how to scrape the brains out of a corpse through the latter's nostrils. *Shudders* Morbid level: Extreme. 

The exhibition ended with a final room displaying the outer and inner box containing the mummy that was featured in the earlier 3D film. The room had a wall that closely resembled the night sky (Refer to above picture). This, to me, is the most fascinating and spectacular portion of the entire exhibition. The dark lighting with a set of stars sparkling against a black wall set the tone for an eerie yet beautiful and mystifying atmosphere. Having already learned about that particular mummy's past life and details about his death made it all the more intriguing. 


Anyway, enough about the Mummy Exhibition. Moving on to.... DESSERT OF THE DAY.

We had Tiramisu for dessert at an Italian restaurant. Prior to that was the main course which I forgot to take a picture of (Pardon my horrendous memory). But what I do remember is that I had Linguini Carbonara. I don't think I can ever get sick of pasta, not after having had pasta for five days straight. 

Okay, bye!

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