Monday, June 10, 2013

Steamboat + Sushi

I love steamboat. I have never ever gotten sick of steamboat, perhaps because I am a soup lover. And the shabu shabu meat, wow. 

Taking random pictures of the induction cooker before the food arrives because I am impatient when I am hungry hahaha. 

The soup! And some mushrooms. I had a whole pot to myself :>

The ingredients included:

Rosemary Honeyed Chicken Wings - This was the only cooked food in our set.

US Beef and Pork - I absolutely loved the beef. The pork too, but I simply adored the beef

Seafood Platter - The platter included crayfish, prawns, scallops, mussels, fishballs and fresh fish. Sadly, I'm allergic to seafood. BUT I couldn't care less about my allergies in the face of such delicious food, can I?!?! So I devoured the seafood anyway :) (Yes, I am facing a growing guilt and worry over the potential allergy outbreak now :X)

Two bowls of noodles - I have no idea what noodles they were called.

Vegetables and mushrooms - A must have for every steamboat.

I think that should be all, if I remember correctly. I am experiencing a severe short term memory loss right now. Or maybe it's just because I was too focused on eating than remembering the varieties of ingredients haha. 

Moving on to the next topic


I brought Sushi for a full grooming session the other day. Her fur was getting unkempt and tangled, and it was causing pain to her when we brushed her fur. Also, she absolutely hates it when we produce a pair of scissors in several failed attempts to cut off the severely tangled clumps of fur on her body. We figured her fur was getting too long, and that it was simply time to bring her to the groomer's. 

It took three long tedious hours to finally shave and trim the unkempt fur off my furry baby, and when we eventually brought her back, she looked like this:

I don't think that it's obvious in this picture, but her fur is really really REALLY short now. We instructed the groomer not to cut the fur on her head, but she insisted that we should because even the fur on her head is getting tangled. So we agreed. And now she looks like a poodle. Also, the portion of her head leading to the short fur on her back looks so mismatched now. 

Anyway, we were reminiscing over how Sushi was absolutely tiny when we first brought her back home, and how she's now grown up (I finally changed her food to adult food!!! I feel like a proud mother watching my daughter graduate hehe.) And so I did a comparison photo: 

Left: Sushi at three months old
Right: Sushi at nearing eleven months old

She looks like two different dogs!!! Okay, I apologize about the whole 'different pose' thing, but I wanted a super recent picture of her and this is the most recent I captured. Her transformation from a cute three month old puppy who jumped at the sight of us in her tiny cage in the pet shop, to a grown up almost a year old doggy whom we love with all our hearts, is drastic. I can safely say that I'm a proud mother who has watched her baby grow up. Getting Sushi really brought an incredible amount of joy into my life. 

So I'm just going to end this post off with a quote,

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself."- Josh Billings 

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