Saturday, June 1, 2013


One of the embarrassing things I was made to do outside Pet Safari hahaha.

Having English Breakfast for dinner (Yes, paradox) at Wild Honey.

Vanilla cone hehe. I still remember how we were all stuck in Mcdonald's in Taiwan when they were having an emergency drill and the outlet was locked up with us inside. We went to get ice cream to pass the time while waiting to be released.

Finally managed to try Shiok Maki after several recommendations and boy, was it good. The reviews weren't lying.

Colourful Kueh Lapis. I used to love this so much I could eat three at a time, and then spend the day feeling oily and sick to my stomach. 

Soft shell crab that I devoured regardless of my seafood allergy :X

Fried Tofu. One of the must-orders when I enter a sushi place.

Chocolate Drumstick indulgence hehe.

Macs breakfast while sending my cousin off at 4am in the morning.

Honey Mustard Chicken Wings. They look unappetizing, but taste delicious.

Barbequed Chicken Pizza. 

Grape flavoured Taiwan Beer.

Sushi in the car <3

Gelato. I forgot the flavours, but they were extraordinarily yummy.

Buffet Dinner at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. This is but a small portion of what I actually had that day.

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