Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Korea Day 13: Cat Cafe, Soju and Seaweed

*This post is filled with loads of pictures*

So after visiting the Doggy Cafe (Refer to this), I was super determined to visit the Cat Cafe. I've never really had much interaction with cats (Have always been more of a dog person), but I find cats incredibly adorable too! So on that very Saturday, we visited the Cat Cafe!!! I was terribly excited.

This is kinda embarrassing hahahaha. These pictures were taken in the dormitory toilet. Basically the whole level shares two common toilets. This is the showering area. 

In the lift approaching the Cat Cafe!! Seeyi was judging us because we were both really excited but she was scared of cats hahaha. 

Was greeted by these two fatties :>

Pardon the ugly slippers. We weren't allowed to wear shoes into the cafe, so we had to wear the slippers they provided.

It was also the first time I saw a furless cat!

According to Yingxuan, you had to let the cats smell your hand first before petting them. Which is what I was trying to do in this picture haha.

Choco Latte with a cat face on it!!!

Sleeping animals are uber adorable.

Shamelessly taking a picture with the cute kitty's paws.

In a desperate attempt to get the cats to swarm around us, Yingxuan and I bought a packet of chicken from the cafe to feed them. We were told to only feed the fat cats because the skinnier ones had bad tummies.

The first, and almost only, cat we fed.

He looks exactly like his picture!!!

Hahaha feeding him the chicken while he sits there like royalty.

Getting rejected by the black kitty T.T

So I resorted to feeding the same first cat hahaha.

This kitten in the box looks super stunned.

We fed this kitty a really small piece of chicken because we were afraid that we'd cause a tummy upset.

I was really focused on feeding this cat when Yingxuan started shouting "Look into the camera!! Hurry!!!" Hence the strange expression on my face haha. 

This cat jumped onto our table. I took this shot hurriedly before 'saving' that cup of latte. 

This woman was really terrified of the cats. We managed to pressure her into feeding the cats but she was making this expression the whole time hahaha. 

Yes I realised I haven't taken any pictures of the cafe's interior.

We felt obliged to make a cat pose since we were in a cat cafe HAHA.

And goodbye, Cat Cafe!! I would love to visit again :)

That night, we feasted upon seaweed and soju after dinner!

I have to admit, I completely disliked the taste of soju hahaha.

Okay bye~