Friday, July 5, 2013

Korea Day 1 and 2: Arriving in Seoul


How time flies! Today marks my sixth day in Seoul :) I'm now sick and rotting in my dorm room. I've been busy juggling with school work, practicing Korean and shopping haha. Also, was busy trying to access internet on my computer and on my handphone.

So... Day 1!

We arrived in Seoul on time, and started looking for a sim card with data so as to garner access to Singapore haha. Unfortunately, Seeyi and my phones were iPhone 5, hence we needed a special nano sim card to fit into our phone. We were unable to find one and got really really frustrated at not being able to use our phones.

Express train ticket.

We checked into our dormitory, which holds shared bedrooms by the way. This is the first time I'm staying in a dormitory with a shared bedroom. It's a totally new experience for me. 

Came across this sticker while actively in search of a nano sim card. We literally went across places trying to secure nano sim cards for our iPhone 5, but because we touched down on a Sunday, most of the phone shops were closed and refused to do business. 

Our first meal in Korea: 자짱면 and 만두. 

Ice Cream that looks like a brain but tasted delicious.

Second Meal of the day: Spicy 치킨 and Garlic 치킨.

Moving on to Day 2!!! 

We woke up early, being typical Singaporeans, for school and headed to the cafeteria for breakfast. However, the cafeteria was closed as it was much too early. Hence we went down the mountain to the convenience store instead to get instant 라면 for breakfast.

아침: 라면

The streets of 신촌.

We actually got lost, as we took a public bus to the main gate of the school instead of taking a shuttle bus directly to the Korean Language Institute in Yonsei University. We stumbled around for ages before meeting this really nice Korean guy who brought us to the building. 

Finally reached the KLI.

The first lesson basically included two placement tests. One vocabulary and one listening test. We were then all split up into different classes after the tests.


가벼운 식사: Sandwich

Pretty flowers outside our dormitory. 

Delicious Ice Cream.

After having had our fondly dubbed "Ice Cream of the Day", we walked around 신촌 and 이대 in search of the "yet to be found" sim card. 

At the 지하철역 waiting for the train to 이태원.

First 떡볶이 in Korea :)

We saw 귀여운 강아지 in the subway station!!! Makes me miss my Sushi even more :'(

저녁: 삼격살

Cute socks we saw while 쇼핑 :)

Okay, that's all for Day 1 and 2! Until next time :)

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