Sunday, July 28, 2013

Korea Day 11 and 12: Super Junior Yesung's Cafe and Pacific Rim

*This post is filled with loads of pictures*

Breakfast was hot dog and mango juice, and hot cocoa to keep me warm. 

Gummies to snack on while in class.

Lunch was Cheese Rameon from the dormitory cafeteria. 

We went shopping after that!!! We went rampant shopping, although we all needed to save money desperately. 

Dinner was New York Pizza from Mr Pizza. 

We then headed to Super Junior Yesung's cafe next for dessert and drinks. Had a hard time trying to find the place, as it was rather obscured within an alley. 

The interior of the cafe was very intricately furnished, and was surprisingly cosy and welcoming. I really enjoyed the environment there. Heard from Yingxuan that Yesung himself had decorated the place. I was so impressed. 

We each ordered a drink and a cake. I had Cheesecake and Blue Lemonade.

Charlie Chaplin was playing on the wall!

We actually spoke to Yesung's mom, who served us our food. And we got wind of the news that Yesung himself was present. I think he went into the kitchen and stayed there though, because none of us caught sight of him. 

Anyway, here's a random picture of the straw pillows we sleep on every night! Mine is the pink one, which unfortunately has a hole in it -.-"' So basically I slept on a leaky pink straw pillow for three weeks...
DAY 12

Kimchi Fried Rice for lunch!

Went to catch Pacfic Rim in Megabox hehe. Was so excited watching a movie for the first time in Korea!

And that's all for Day 12! 

Till next time~

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