Sunday, July 7, 2013

Korea Day 3: Food and Pink Ponchos


I am currently waiting for my clothes to dry in the dryer and chilling in my dorm room in the meantime. So while I have the time, I shall churn out Day 3 of my Korean trip!!! :)

아침: 라면 
(Breakfast: Rameon)

Skyped my beloved Sushi when I had wifi in school.

With Seeyi, waiting for the others. 

We headed to a restaurant near our dormitory (Which we had to walk down the mountain to reach) to try some authentic 한국 음식 (Korean food).

반찬 (Side dishes)

I still cannot get used to Korean 반찬, unfortunately. The only side dish I enjoy is the authentic 김치 (Kimchi), which I normally dislike in Singapore. Also, the fishcakes taste pretty good, and the anchovies are okay.

Soondubu Jjigae (Tofu stew)

다시 만두
Mandu (Dumplings) again.

Went to 이대 (Yidae) in search of a sim card with data once again. 

Super good Cookies and Cream Chocolate. 

We actually went to Daiso a couple of times the past week to shop for groceries. The Daiso here isn't standard pricing. They have a variety of prices. And the objects they sell seem to originate from Korea rather than Japan. 

Egg and Cheese Cake we bought from the streets because it was highly recommended. It was a combination of sweet and savory. The egg was covered with the cheese, atop sponge cake. It was not bad. I would give it a 6.5/10?

We then headed to ArtBox to try to secure notebooks for our Korean lessons for these three weeks and stumbled upon this television news reporter making a news report.

Parading around in our pink ponchos while getting judged.

오레오 팥빙수
Oreo Patbingsu (Shaved Ice)

Okay, I'm getting tired so I shall stop here haha.


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