Friday, July 12, 2013

Korea Day 4 and 5: Food Delivery, Bulgogi and Patbingsu

안녕하세요 once again!!

I'm chilling in my room now with a hot cup of cocoa to combat the cold rainy weather in Seoul. So here's my post on Day 4 and 5 in Korea! :)

Convenience store Toppokki. 

Ice Cream of The Day. 

Pottery class after Korean lessons. 

What I made!!!

Potato chips and Chocolate Chip cookies for whenever I'm hungry. I've finished these since. 

Ordered Jajjangmeon in for dinner, which came with Mandu hehe.

Day 5

Skyped Sushi!!!

Cheese Rameon lunch which had no cheese flavour at all -.-

We then headed off to Dongdaemum, where we met up with Donghui who brought us around the area, and then brought us to an awesome Bulgogi restaurant for great Bulgogi. 

After dinner, we headed to this famous Patbingsu place along the streets of Sinchon and queued under the rain to get a table. The Patbingsu that we ate though, was very very worth it. It was milky, with a great texture, and tasted absolutely delicious.

Okay, so that's all for Korea Day 4 and 5! 

Bye ~

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