Friday, July 19, 2013

Korea Day 6 and 7: Doggy Cafe + EverySing

*This post is filled with loads of pictures*

Tonight is my last night in Seoul. I am suddenly overwhelmed by the thought that I've actually lived here for three whole weeks. This was definitely an experience I'll never forget. Attending Korean lessons at 9am in the morning everyday for four hours, exploring Seoul (I'm super familiar with Sinchon and Yidae now), shopping like crazy, going mad taking pictures like typical tourists, trying out all the authentic Korean dishes, meeting up with my Korean friends, and returning back to my comfortable room at the end of the day to refresh myself for the next day. 

So here goes... Korea Day 6!

I fell sick on Day 6, got a severe sore throat, a slight fever, and flu. My friends headed to Suwon for a cultural trip that I signed up for too late, so I went to meet Genesis and her friends instead. We went for the tea session with the NUS South Korean alumni (Basically ex-students who had their SEP in Korea), then headed to this super homely place for lunch. 

At the tea session.

Because I was sick, I had to specially ask for a dish that was not spicy, and had hot soup to sooth my throat as well as to warm me up. I ended up with this really delicious bowl of noodles that up till now, I still don't know the name of. But it was amazing, although I couldn't really taste it because of my flu.

The walls were covered with graffiti. 

We headed to Hongdae for some shopping after lunch. However, I couldn't take the burden of being out while sick, so I had to head home first to rest. The rest of the day was picture-less.
Day 7

Lunch was Jajjangmeon and Mandu at the place where we had our first meal when we arrived in Korea. Forgot to take a picture of the noodles though.

On the bus to meet Huisy's Korean buddy, who brought us to Myeongdong to shop.

The streets of Myeongdong. 

We headed to the Doggy Cafe after a little shopping. The dogs there are so adorable!!! And really well fed too hahaha. After visiting that place, I realised that Sushi isn't that fat after all!

Sushi Lookalike!!!

We then headed to Everysing, the official SM Entertainment store, because the girls wanted to buy some fan stuff.

Naeng Meon (Cold Noodles) for dinner.

Additional Mandu.

Okay so that's all for Korea Day 6 and 7!!

Looking forward to return to Singapore tomorrow :)

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