Sunday, July 21, 2013

Korea Day 8: Hello Kitty Cafe + Super Junior Eun Hyuk's Bakery

*This post is filled with loads of pictures*


Banana milk that I grew addicted to in Seoul.

With Yingyan, being bored in the classroom.

Lotte Waffle Cookies.

Curry Rice lunch.

Potato Sticks for snack time hehe. 

Finally did my laundry.

On the bus to the Hello Kitty Cafe. 

Finally reached the Hello Kitty Cafe in Sinchon!!!

The interior of the Hello Kitty Cafe was so beautiful!!! We ordered four lattes and a strawberry cake hehe. 

Our food. 

The latte tasted a little too bitter for my liking. 

The Strawberry Cake that tasted kinda awful. 

We headed to Super Junior member Eun Hyuk's Bakery next, in hopes that the celebrity would be there. 

The bakery was just a simple bakery, and the bread we ordered was not satisfying our tummies, so we headed to a small restaurant in the area for our late dinner. 

I ordered Soondubu Jjigae. 

Okay that's all for Day 8!

Bye ~

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