Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Korea Day 9 and 10: Rabokki, Royal Pudding, Ice Cream, and Messages

*This post is filled with loads of pictures*

Fried Fish Wrap plus Strawberry Milk for breakfast. 

Singlish in Korean words.
"Siao ah"
"Buey Tahan"
"Am Chio"

Met up with my awesome and pretty Korean buddy, Boyeon Unnie, who brought us to eat this amazing Rabokki - Rameon + Toppokki + Cheese.

We then headed to Dongdaemun, where I had this tall ice cream cone. It ended up becoming a mess to eat, because the ice cream was so tall and I couldn't eat fast enough. Also, the cone was kind of soggy and bland. 

Dinner was Mcchicken and fries from Mcdonald's. We ordered Macs delivery twice throughout the trip, this being the first. The second took two hours to arrive, and the orders were messed up. Was so disappointed with the Korea Mcdonald's. Also, the fries were soggy and the burger was so... flat. Told Sherry that I expected a pouffy burger and she started laughing at me. Hahahaha. 

Day 10

Day 10's breakfast.

Strawberry milk for sustenance hehe.

The amazing Fish Ice Cream that we bought from the convenience store in school. The inside of the fish contained red bean, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. 

Our weekly singing lesson.

Lunch was Kimchi Fried Rice.

We then headed to Paris Baguette to try out the original Royal Pudding. Prior to that, I had never tried Royal Pudding despite hearing people rave about it all the time. I didn't know what to expect, but I rather enjoyed it. 

Headed to Insadong with Seeyi, her buddy, and Yingxuan.

We bought this ice cream that was inside a tube of cone. The ice cream was rather tasty but it was so difficult to eat!!! 

We stumbled upon this place where couples would write their messages on badges and hang them around. 

So being lame tourists, we decided to buy a badge and write something as a momento. The badge was sponsored by Seeyi's super nice buddy Jace. 


"CAP 4.9! Being happy and staying pretty. Fighting!"

We also included our nicknames.

Hundred Years Monster - Huisy
Fixed Door Seeyi - Seeyi
Bad Brat - Yingxuan
Manly Voice Bingsu - Me -.-'"

Dinner was a sumptuous feast with super delicious food. 

Okay, that's all!!


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