Monday, October 28, 2013

Krispy Kreme + Carrie + Halloween

So I finally tried the legendary Krispy Kreme. Bought two original glazed donuts, and I wasn't disappointed. The dough is soft and fluffy and melts in your mouth. The only complaint I would have, which I don't, is that it is a tad bit too sweet. But that can be easily resolved. Just drink more water after eating this delicious goodness! 

Finally caught "Carrie" today too. It was alright, mostly because I like the moderate amount of gore in the film, and also because the main actors' were great. Being a horror movie fanatic, I expected more, but it was good enough as a remake. 

Halloween Photobooth picture with my awesome marketing group at University Town. They were giving away free candy, chocolates and balloons! Wanted to get one of those really cool looking temporary tattoos but they ran out of them :( And I really wanted to get a balloon (The balloons were ridiculously awesome), but I can foresee having difficulty bringing it all the way home from NUS, and also the unavoidable chewing by Sushi who would probably mutilate my balloon hahaha. 

Happy Halloween!

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