Saturday, November 2, 2013


I have so many overwhelming thoughts right now. Sometimes I wish that I can turn back the clock, so that I can relive my life and make better decisions. But in retrospect, these decisions shape me. Who I am is moulded by these little regrets and imperfections throughout my life. 

But if I had taken a different step, would my life be drastically different? Would my experiences change? People say that the choices you make determine your path in life. But I question, if you make certain decisions and choices in life, then how are you so sure that these choices haven't already been pre-determined by fate? 

I would like to say that my life has been smooth sailing, and that the obstacles I've faced are merely little pebbles on the road. Maybe to others, they are. But to me, I've leaped over a great wall sealed in stone and swam across a vast ocean to get to where I am now. I try to look back at what I've achieved in life and not feel any tinge of regret, but well, such feelings are inevitable. 

Perhaps what I have now is the best I could ever hope to achieve, amongst the myriad of dimensions where different choices and steps are made, and different outcomes are created.    

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