Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Nutcracker

Today I went to watch "The Nutcracker" by the Singapore Dance Theatre! 

It was amazing. The dances were well choreographed and I was very much impressed by the skillful dancers who performed so gracefully. 

I had seen a movie about The Nutcracker many many years ago, and all I remembered about the plot was the nutcracker turning into a prince. So when I went for the ballet, I was clueless as to what the plot was about. Normally I would read up about the ballet first, but this time I was so overwhelmed by exams (My last paper was yesterday) that I simply did not have the time nor mood to research beforehand. 

Had a wonderful night with an incredible person watching a fantastic performance. 

Here's a picture of a reluctant Sushi and I to end this post. Hahaha.

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