Wednesday, December 4, 2013

When You Say Nothing At All

So the other day I attended Ansel's wedding. It was such a beautiful and touching wedding. 

Heading for the tea ceremony ~

We were told not to look directly at the bride when she entered the house, for fear that it would create "conflict" in the chinese context. I was really majorly curious about the bride's wedding dress and it took me so much effort not to look! Haha. 

After the tea ceremony, we headed to the Singapore Island Country Club for the wedding lunch ~

Chilling around before the lunch began. 

It has been a sort of tradition for us to order red wine and Sprite, and then mix the two. It would create a "cocktail" effect haha. But we would always get judged by the waiters and waitresses. It tastes awesome though!

There was a live band at the wedding, and they accepted song dedications. We dedicated "When You Say Nothing At All" to the lovely couple. The band took quite some time before they started on our dedication, by which time we had been impatient and sent forth our dedication twice hahaha. 

Here is the song:

Some of the food we were served.

Okay bye~

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