Tuesday, January 28, 2014

iConnect 2014 - 2

Finally compiled all of the pictures taken during iConnect so here goes! :)

Day 0 - Welcome Ceremony

We were at the Welcome Ceremony, where we had delegates split into groups and play orientation games. 

Day 1 - Opening Forum

The Opening Forum was a huge success! The sparkling iConnect words lit up, symbolising the start of iConnect 2014. 

Day 2 and 3 - Case Competition

This picture was taken in UTown's Koufu haha.

Day 4 - Ideas Ignite Session

Day 5 - Heritage Tour

I joined the group after lessons, and we took a boat ride from Clarke Quay to see the Merlion, then headed off to Marina Bay Sands to visit the SkyPark and catch the Lights Show. 

Having cake at Lady M :)

Finally, the SkyPark!!! ~


And we ended the day with the MBS Lights Show 

And that marks the end of iConnect 2014. It was a fantastic week with the delegates, and I'm glad they enjoyed their stay in Singapore. 

Okay, bye! :)

Monday, January 27, 2014


Here's another post typed out on my phone!! Once again, sorry for the horrid formatting. I will fix it soon. 

So for today's Digital Culture and Art class, we made a...


In simpler terms, it means we made a vibrating robot! 

I would never think of myself as a technical kind of person. I am horribly lousy at anything that has to do with circuits or wires and YET, I am taking a module teaching me how to hack and build a circuit 😱

The horror. I was so fearful that I would be incredibly lost in class, but thankfully the lessons seem pretty interesting and manageable thus far. 

So here are the steps to making your very own vibro-bot!  

Things you'll need: 

A motor that vibrates 
A battery
Double-sided foam tape
That glittery wire thing for your robot legs
Plastic eyes
The Chinese New Year furry wire thing


And here's step one:

Basically, just tape the legs in between two small pieces of double-sided foam tape.

Step two:

Stick the battery on top of the foam tape, with one wire on the bottom of the battery, and the other on the top. 

Additional step:

Attach eyes and CNY furry wire! 

And there you go! 

And voila! Your very own vibro-bot!!!

Although this seems exceedingly simple, it is a major achievement for a technical moron like myself. 

Here's the link to a video of the robot that I posted on Instagram: 

Bye! ~  

Sunday, January 26, 2014

"It’s amazing how fresh the wounds feel. The pain comes and goes in waves. Sometimes I get distracted for long enough to forget, but that only lasts for a little while. Inevitably the surge returns, and I temporarily lose myself in a memory, desperate to travel back in time."

Thursday, January 23, 2014

iConnect 2014 - 1

Blogging from my phone for the first time! All the photos are uploaded straight from my phone :) Amazing how technology is so advanced these days. 

  Finally iConnect 2014 has ended! Everyone in the Bizasia team has been bustling around for the conference, though all the effort and hard work was worth it because the delegates thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the entire event was a success. 

Last night's closing ceremony was super enjoyable. The respective countries gave wonderful cultural performances (really got everyone super high!) and was very memorable. I'm glad the delegates seemed to enjoy themselves very much. Watching them reminds me of when I myself was a delegate during the Bizjapan summit. We also bonded throughout those 8 days, and got to immerse ourselves into the Japanese culture. 

Anyway, I found some food pictures I took during the heritage tour and here they are! 

Lady M Cakes!!!

During the heritage tour, us BizAsia members went to eat cake while waiting for the delegates to take pictures with the merlion. It was the first time I tried Lady M cakes, though I remember vaguely having heard about them before. Evelyn explained that the brand was very famous in New York, and decided to open a branch in Asia, choosing Singapore out of so many Asian countries! That certainly piqued my curiosity. We ordered three cakes. The Chocolate Checkered Cake, their signature Crepe Cake, and a Fruit Tart. The Crepe Cake was amazing. It was very special, and apparently it takes ages to make (Since you'd have to bake it layer by layer, and then piece it together). And it was fantastic!! But you can't eat too much of the crepe cake though, because it's actually really really sweet (unless you can eat a mountain of sugar without gagging a little). 

Dinner was tze char, and included Sambal sting ray (YUM), satay (not pictured), Prawn paste chicken wings, sambal kang kong, and some seafood tofu dish. 

Singapore, picture taken from the Helix bridge.


Next we headed up to the MBS SkyPark! 

This is my second time admiring the singapore night scenery from the SkyPark, and really, it never fails to amaze me. I almost forgot how beautiful singapore really was. 

Okay, I will blog more about iConnect 2014 some other day when i have more pictures to post! 

Till then, bye ~

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Weep Not, My Dear

You speak,
And spew words,
Vile demented snares.

You choose,

To conceal; to withhold
For placidity.

You wronged,

And you wondered,
Where you tumbled.

You deny, 

Firm but gentle,
All righteous.

You realize,

Your thoughtless neglect,
Coupled with time.

You created,

A barrier; a wall,
None can penetrate.

Weep not,

For that once naive,
But trusting flower,
Has withered.


I feel like things have changed so much in the span of such a short time, say, two years? 

I've changed. 

They say "Change is the only constant" and yes, I do agree with that. But I abhor change. Change makes me queasy and my entire being squirm with unease. 

Problems and issues plague my swollen mind every night, as I struggle to fall asleep. They say being tired helps you sleep better. Well, physical fatigue is evidently not sufficient. When the mind is active, it won't let your body rest no matter how much it struggles to. 

Sometimes I try to imagine a blank canvas. 

And it's all dark and gloomy there. So dark and squalid that eventually my mind and body would force itself to stop pondering over things and start getting the good ol' rest it wants and needs. But the canvas doesn't help when it starts filling itself up with pictures and words. 

I'm so glad that throughout all this ponderous stretch, someone is there for me. That is, perhaps, the only constant I need. 

Things change, and people change. Some people fail to meet certain expectations, but none is to be blamed.

I should really move on.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

S.E.A Aquarium

*This post is filled with loads of pictures*

Been feeling very frustrated and pissy these few days because of PMS. The cramps are killing me, even though the actual period has yet to come. Also, I just cut my hair not long ago. Now it's so horrendously short. and my fringe is ridiculous -.-"'

Anyway, here are pictures from the super awesome day I spent at the S.E.A Aquarium! I've been wanting to visit the place since it opened. 

Had rosti before heading to the aquarium. We were planning to have a buffet lunch but ended up at Marche. 

HELLO :) I was super excited when I first entered the aquarium. 


My favourite Sting Ray heh. 

Some sort of rock-looking fish. 

This Christmas tree was so gorgeous. 

 Sotong hehe.

These tiny starfish look super adorable. 

Mudskippers :)

 Huge crabs. I wonder how they taste like.... Kidding!

These look like sea snails to me.

Moving on to the beautiful jellyfish!

More sting ray action!

The deep sea fish I would most like to see. 

Lobster muahaha.

And now for my favourite....


Here's a compilation of all the videos I took that day :)

I shall end this post with a picture of a hanging mannequin. 

BYE! :)