Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I feel like things have changed so much in the span of such a short time, say, two years? 

I've changed. 

They say "Change is the only constant" and yes, I do agree with that. But I abhor change. Change makes me queasy and my entire being squirm with unease. 

Problems and issues plague my swollen mind every night, as I struggle to fall asleep. They say being tired helps you sleep better. Well, physical fatigue is evidently not sufficient. When the mind is active, it won't let your body rest no matter how much it struggles to. 

Sometimes I try to imagine a blank canvas. 

And it's all dark and gloomy there. So dark and squalid that eventually my mind and body would force itself to stop pondering over things and start getting the good ol' rest it wants and needs. But the canvas doesn't help when it starts filling itself up with pictures and words. 

I'm so glad that throughout all this ponderous stretch, someone is there for me. That is, perhaps, the only constant I need. 

Things change, and people change. Some people fail to meet certain expectations, but none is to be blamed.

I should really move on.

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