Thursday, January 23, 2014

iConnect 2014 - 1

Blogging from my phone for the first time! All the photos are uploaded straight from my phone :) Amazing how technology is so advanced these days. 

  Finally iConnect 2014 has ended! Everyone in the Bizasia team has been bustling around for the conference, though all the effort and hard work was worth it because the delegates thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the entire event was a success. 

Last night's closing ceremony was super enjoyable. The respective countries gave wonderful cultural performances (really got everyone super high!) and was very memorable. I'm glad the delegates seemed to enjoy themselves very much. Watching them reminds me of when I myself was a delegate during the Bizjapan summit. We also bonded throughout those 8 days, and got to immerse ourselves into the Japanese culture. 

Anyway, I found some food pictures I took during the heritage tour and here they are! 

Lady M Cakes!!!

During the heritage tour, us BizAsia members went to eat cake while waiting for the delegates to take pictures with the merlion. It was the first time I tried Lady M cakes, though I remember vaguely having heard about them before. Evelyn explained that the brand was very famous in New York, and decided to open a branch in Asia, choosing Singapore out of so many Asian countries! That certainly piqued my curiosity. We ordered three cakes. The Chocolate Checkered Cake, their signature Crepe Cake, and a Fruit Tart. The Crepe Cake was amazing. It was very special, and apparently it takes ages to make (Since you'd have to bake it layer by layer, and then piece it together). And it was fantastic!! But you can't eat too much of the crepe cake though, because it's actually really really sweet (unless you can eat a mountain of sugar without gagging a little). 

Dinner was tze char, and included Sambal sting ray (YUM), satay (not pictured), Prawn paste chicken wings, sambal kang kong, and some seafood tofu dish. 

Singapore, picture taken from the Helix bridge.


Next we headed up to the MBS SkyPark! 

This is my second time admiring the singapore night scenery from the SkyPark, and really, it never fails to amaze me. I almost forgot how beautiful singapore really was. 

Okay, I will blog more about iConnect 2014 some other day when i have more pictures to post! 

Till then, bye ~

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