Monday, January 27, 2014


Here's another post typed out on my phone!! Once again, sorry for the horrid formatting. I will fix it soon. 

So for today's Digital Culture and Art class, we made a...


In simpler terms, it means we made a vibrating robot! 

I would never think of myself as a technical kind of person. I am horribly lousy at anything that has to do with circuits or wires and YET, I am taking a module teaching me how to hack and build a circuit 😱

The horror. I was so fearful that I would be incredibly lost in class, but thankfully the lessons seem pretty interesting and manageable thus far. 

So here are the steps to making your very own vibro-bot!  

Things you'll need: 

A motor that vibrates 
A battery
Double-sided foam tape
That glittery wire thing for your robot legs
Plastic eyes
The Chinese New Year furry wire thing


And here's step one:

Basically, just tape the legs in between two small pieces of double-sided foam tape.

Step two:

Stick the battery on top of the foam tape, with one wire on the bottom of the battery, and the other on the top. 

Additional step:

Attach eyes and CNY furry wire! 

And there you go! 

And voila! Your very own vibro-bot!!!

Although this seems exceedingly simple, it is a major achievement for a technical moron like myself. 

Here's the link to a video of the robot that I posted on Instagram: 

Bye! ~  

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