Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Speed and Ice


Soooooo ~ I finally tried the Segway and Luge at Sentosa!!! Being a Singaporean, it seems a little weird not to have tried the Luge. But I always thought it would be mega scary so I never really had the guts to try it hahaha. I had imagined a super steep slope and having to ride a vehicle that would be going as fast as speed racers. Yes, my fertile imagination -.-"' Anyway, the Luge ended up being extremely enjoyable, although I got a teensy weensy scared near the sharp curves (Mainly because every time I play driving games in arcades, I crash my vehicle while doing those turns). But it was a great experience!  

Took the Skyline up to board the Luge.

The Segway turned out to be a 'scarier' experience than the Luge. Basically it's a vehicle that looks like this:

To operate the vehicle, you have to lean forward. And that was one part I took a little time to overcome. How could I lean forward when I felt jittery just standing atop the segway and imagine my impending fall haha. But!!! Bolstering some courage, I finally leaned forward and completed one round along the Segway course. I would say it's definitely something not everyone gets to try everyday, and it was fun while it lasted!

Moving on, I'm sure most of you would have heard about the 2Degree Ice Exhibition and Ice Bar in Singapore right now. I first got wind of it, I think, around December? Being pretty fond of novelty in small sunny Singapore, I was really excited to visit it. 

Many of my friends have visited the place, and most seemed to give pretty good reviews. So my expectations were rather high. Personally, I found the area too small. I had expected a larger space and more ice sculptures. It definitely looked bigger in pictures. The sculptures were definitely amazing, since ice carving and sculpting has never been an easy art. 

I guess the highlight of the entire exhibition would be the slides. There was one big slide, and two smaller side slides. For the big slide, they supplied two inflatable floats for you to sit on. I went on a Monday, so naturally there were much less people there than if I were to go on a weekend. I dread to imagine the long queue for the slides there must be on the weekends. 

One attractive aspect of the overall 2Degree ice experience would probably be the ice bar. I've seen multiple videos of people smashing their ice mugs (Yes, the mug is made out of ice) into the wall. So I was looking forward to being able to vent my frustrations on the ice mug muahaha. The interior of the ice bar was divided into two rooms. One room looked like a normal bar, while the other was entirely made of ice (Even the tables). It was really really small though, especially since I had expected the area to be connected with the exhibition. Anyway, it was freezing cold inside (-15 celsius) and my toes were starting to feel painful and numb so I quickly finished my beer and hurried to the mug smashing corner and threw my mug so hard it shattered into smithereens heh heh. I fully expected my mug to slip out of my gloved hand and remain intact, but I actually managed to shatter it!!! Felt super accomplished after that hahaha. 

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