Monday, March 17, 2014

NUS Open Day!

So the other day I helped out during the NUS Open Day as a surveyor! I was a mascot minder last year, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, so I decided to help out again! Here's last year's post :) 

Had so much fun and met so many great friends. I expected a lot of rejection, having to approach people to do surveys and all. But the visitors were awesome, and we absolutely enjoyed ourselves! 

The entire open day was a total success, and the entire place was completely flooded with crowds. The atmosphere was also super "happening". 

In the morning, waiting for the visitors to start arriving!

We were walking around searching for prospective targets (hahahaha) when we stumbled upon the Engineering Minion Mascot!!! 

Super cute!!!

Also took a photo at the NUSSU booth!

After lunch, we went to grab free ice cream that was being given out to the visitors! Mine was Tin Roof Brownie.

We went for another round of "survey-ing" before heading back to the break corner to get a drink and eat a donut.

We were going around doing surveys when we realized we had exceeded our quota! So we decided to get some cotton candy before heading back. The cotton candy was also free for visitors :)

While queuing up for the cotton candy, the emcees at the Town Plaza suddenly approached us and started interviewing us hahaha. 

Above photos taken at the machine near the Welcome Centre! You could take the pictures at the machine, and then send it to your own email!

After an entire day of walking about trying to get people to do our surveys (And also giving out free gifts to those who did them), we were absolutely drained and completely tired. But it was definitely a fun experience!

Here's the entire survey team! With the mascot head hahaha. 

And another round of photo-taking at the machine!

Okay bye!!!

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