Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Still Life

Today was an extremely frustrating day. I started having flu symptoms on the way to school, and it only got worst by the time I reached my class. I had forgotten to bring new tissue packets, so I was left with three sheets of tissue paper in my bag. I tried to conserve them as best I could, but by the middle of the lecture, I had run out of tissues. Thankfully I managed to get some tissue sheets from my friends, so that was a relief. 

I got a horrible headache after doing up my presentation for next week, and quickly headed home to get some sleep. The shuttle bus took a relatively short amount of time to arrive, so I thought that I would be able to reach home fast. But no. The bus moved so slowly that it took me half an hour to actually leave the school compound. The train arrived quickly, but there were no seats and my head was pounding. I then managed to catch the bus back home (Thankfully, since I arrived at the bus interchange right as the bus was leaving). 

The bus stopped behind three other buses at the bus stop and I was the only passenger alighting. The bus driver opened the back door, but kept the front door closed. This meant that if I were to alight, I would have to walk a distance equivalent to the length of three buses before I would reach the bus stop I needed to alight at. My head was throbbing, and I needed to get home quickly so that I could put down the things that I was holding, so I walked to the front and asked the bus driver, "Sorry but can I go out through this door instead?" while gesturing to the front door. He gave me a blank stare, so I returned his stare with slight determination. Then he rolled his eyes and said, "This is the entrance." Yes, I know this is the entrance. But it is also an exit! The fare reader clearly states that this front door was the entry/exit. Besides, he had stopped a great distance away from the bus stop when he ought to have waited until he was near or at the bus stop before opening the doors for passengers to alight! He eventually opened the front door for me to exit, but not without rolling his eyes again and repeating loudly, this time as if I was a fool and needed common sense knocked into me, "This is the entrance!" I simply exited without a word. Granted, I could have just alighted from the back door, but I was having a terrible day and needed to get home fast. Also, I feel that he could have been more flexible and just let me alight via the front door. 

Regardless, I concussed on my bed the moment I reached home and took a warm shower. It's a horrible time to get sick now, especially since I have two upcoming midterm papers. Sigh. Ah well. Here's hoping for a quick recovery :(
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