Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Lying down on the bed as I type this post with my phone. I'm currently bedridden and unable to walk. Yesterday morning I blacked out suddenly while walking and fell, spraining my knee and ankle. My cramps were so intense that I almost fainted again. I vomited a little (although there was nothing but bile to vomit so that was an exceptionally horrible experience) before Panadol came to my rescue. Lol. I'm too reliant on Panadol. My knee is extremely swollen and my ankle has this large gash from the fall. My ankle is also swollen so I absolutely can't put pressure on either my ankle or knee, hence the whole bedridden thing. Been lying on my bed for the whole day yesterday. Sigh. 

This sweet darling stayed by my side to accompany me, although she occasionally stepped on my swollen knee when she got excited. I love her so much.

Yesterday I saw this video of a dog owner torturing her dog by making him wear a collar with spikes (that was against his neck) and pulling it hard to hurt him when he didn't follow her instructions to fetch an object. I was so angry. If I had been there, I would rescue the poor dog and bring him home and sue the dog owner until she's behind bars. I cannot fathom how people have the decency to abuse animals. How can they derive joy from seeing pain from these helpless creatures? Not just dogs, but animals in general.

I was watching this Japanese cartoon last night (yes I still love cartoons lol) and there was this part where a stray dog fell into a raging river. I felt so much inexplicable sadness despite the fact that it was just a cartoon. Although the dog was eventually rescued, I still found myself tearing. Perhaps my injury made me more emotional but I really feel strongly towards the plight of animals. 

Okay gonna end this post now! Hoping for a fast recovery!! Bye! 

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