Friday, April 25, 2014


Sitting here on my bed, my body cramping from lack of movement, I am now aware of the difficulties being physically disabled. People always claim to understand the inability to move about or function like a "normal" person, but who really does? Needs are needs. Disabled or not. Temporarily or not. I constantly have to pick myself up from the bed, use that one "crutch" that I have to move around the house. I try to minimize movement on my injured leg but it hurts every time I have to lift it up slightly or even just shift its position. 

The truth is, it's not easy not being as physically agile as a "normal" person. Being confined to the bed helps less. Granted, it does give me more time to explore the Internet, more time to blog and more time to read. But it is exam period now, and being bedridden only serves to bore me with the constant adherence to an uncomfortable position. I can pay no more than five minutes to my studying materials spayed out on my bed. 

The other day I was faced with excruciating pain. My knee and ankle injured and swollen, I had no choice but to visit the doctor in a wheelchair. The feeling of disability overwhelms you the moment you sit in a wheelchair. Now I understand why my grandmother hated to be placed in the wheelchair despite her ailing condition. Now I'm not saying that the wheelchair is bad, it is a wonderful tool for people who need it to function. But I was constantly worried about how to use the toilet if I needed to, and how I would move from one storey to another, being inexperienced and all. 

At that point, I was not only feeling the pain from my leg. I was also experiencing intense pain from my cramps. I could feel my entire face turning pale as I tried to bear with the excruciating pain from my entire body. I had taken Panadol two hours ago, but the medicine was not taking effect. Perhaps years of taking only Panadol Extra has dulled my body to the effects of normal Panadol.

I left the clinic in this condition, knee wrapped up in a bandage and still uncertain of my situation. I was to visit a bone specialist for further examination of my injured knee and ankle, though ostensibly and upon an X-ray examination, it had not been fractured. It is now the fourth day of my injury and I am still unable to walk unassisted. The doctor said it would take more than a week for the swelling to reduce, seeing as my injured knee has swelled to almost twice the size of my other one. 

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