Thursday, May 8, 2014


Exams are finally over for me!!! I feel so relieved.

Found the above picture in my phone the other day when I was super bored. It's a really really old picture, taken last year when my hair was still long. The dress was a birthday gift from my bestie, but I've yet to actually wear it out yet. I'm now determined to wear it out once my leg recovers and I'm able to walk like normal. 

My Sushi <3

I've been feeling very frustrated and irritable these few days. Perhaps because I've been cooped up at home for so long due to my injury. I feel so disconnected from the world lol. 

Also, I realised that people are generally really nice to those with physical disabilities. I received alot of "Get well soon" remarks from strangers who held the lift door open for me etc. It feels really heartwarming.

Then it made me wonder, what about people who can't "Get well soon"? That's why its such a wonderful feeling learning about people with physical disabilities who managed to overcome all odds and live a healthy and happy life. 

On a sidenote, I just discovered this app called "Dayre" that I installed on my phone ages ago but never used. I think I only posted one post? I'm still trying to get the hang of it though. Basically it's like a blogging app where you post about your daily life via your smartphone. Blog posts on "Dayre" are probably more of "I ate this today" rather than long blog posts that you post on Blogger? But anyway, you can check out my "Dayre". My username is "nictmin".

Okay, bye!

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