Friday, May 30, 2014

Update #4

My internship has been going great so far! I'm so glad I met so many awesome people, and that my working environment is flexible and relaxed. 

The other day I unfortunately caught stomach flu. I felt the pangs of pain in the middle of the night, but I ignored it because I thought I was just bloated (like I always am -.-). When I woke up, the pain still persisted so I took medicine for gastric and stomach wind. It helped for a little while, and I headed back to bed to get some sleep. The pain got worse throughout my sleep, and I eventually woke up with a sharp and throbbing pain in my stomach, a strong feeling of nausea, and even worse, cramps (although this had nothing to do with my stomach flu). I could bear it no longer the next day, after having suffered a full day in pain and only getting temporary relief by taking Panadol, and headed to the doctor. I got two days MC, although I only skipped work for a day.

It felt awful when I was having menstrual cramps, a torn ligament, and stomach flu at the same time. I felt weak and useless. It was one of the worst few days that I've ever experienced.

Anyway, moving on to a cheery topic ~~~ FOOD!!!

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Doesn't this pizza look DELICIOUS? It was! Check out to read our review on it! 

AND!!! Sneak preview below ~~~ 

Stay tuned at for our upcoming review on the place we got this tasty ramen dish from!!!

Okay, I should stop promoting SunnyFoodBunny hehehe. Til next time! ~

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