Wednesday, June 11, 2014

One Year

I finally went for the 'Dinosaurs: Dawn To Extinction" Exhibition at the Art Science Museum last weekend!!!! 

I've been a fan of dinosaurs since I was a young child. I've always collected tiny dinosaur figurines and books about them. Needless to say, I loved to watch dinosaur documentaries too and my favorite was the awesome "Walking With Dinosaurs" (Pity I didn't catch the movie sigh). So it was wonderful news when I heard that the dinosaur exhibition was coming to town. I was extremely excited. But my accident had to happen and that prevented me from going for the exhibition sooner :/

Here are some pictures I took that day.

The first thing you see when you enter the exhibition are these fossil replicas!!! They look so menacing with the shadows behind as well as the sound effects. I was in utter awe. 

This was an actual fossil!!! Pretty neat huh.

The eyeballs look so Jurassic Park hahaha. Speaking of which, I LOVE JURASSIC PARK!!! *fangirl*

Scary angle hehe.

These babies look extremely creepy, especially with the glaring lack of fur and red skin tone.

Triceratop skulls.

It was so hard to take pictures both inside and outside!!! The interior of the exhibition was too dark (and we weren't allowed to use flash photography) and the exterior was too sunny. Woes of living in sunny Singapore.

It was a special day, so we headed down to an Italian restaurant at Serangoon Gardens for dinner :)


The sauces look intimidating (I'm a joke, I know) but I quite enjoyed dipping the bread into them!

I had Risotto with Italian Sausages and Walnuts. Super yumz.

Vegetarian Lasagna. 

It tasted alright, but I don't particularly like eggplant and this one comprised of mostly eggplant so....................

White Wine to accompany the food.

The super awesome Tiramisu that we had after the main dishes. I was full to the brim already, but I seem to always have an extra stomach for dessert. It was fantastic (Y)

It was an amazing Saturday that I spent with an extraordinary person. One year flew by so fast I barely knew what was happening. I feel very blessed and lucky for these astounding experiences that I've had.

Thank you.

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