Monday, June 23, 2014

Top 5 Reasons Why People Love "The Fault In Our Stars"

I finally caught "The Fault In Our Stars" yesterday! 

Although I didn't cry myself, my heart did feel achingly sore afterwards. One thing I noticed was that throughout the course of the entire movie, I kept hearing people sniffing or rubbing their eyes. So... here goes!

The Top 5 reasons why people love "The Fault In Our Stars":

1) Teen Love

Ah, young love. It's something most of us will experience, or already have, in our lives. 

TFIOS brings back these fond memories of falling hopelessly in love at a tender age, of being innocent and eager to experience love. It evokes memories of a time when we assumed that love was like what we saw in romantic movies: Guy and girl falls in love, overcomes an obstacle, eventually gets married and has babies. 

Hazel and Augustus' innocent and sweet love not only makes us reminiscent, it also makes us crave for a love like theirs. Passionate and determined. Their hearts are only open for each other. And they steadfastly hold on to our hearts in this manner.

2) Memorable Quotes

Who can forget this emotional quote from TFIOS?

Oh, the heartstrings ;'(

And this:

Or this:

I could just go on and on. But you get my point.

3) Death

Ah, the inevitable side effects of living. Death.

We've all faced death one way or another. It could be the death of someone you knew or loved, or even having a near-death experience yourself. Either way, we are bound to face death. Death is inevitable. And that is why we can relate to the movie so well.

The cancer that plagues Augustus and Hazel, it is an issue that we see in society everyday. We hear of people suffering from terminal cancer, or we know people who have been cured from it. The movie forces us to face death head on, and to look through the eyes of someone experiencing impending death. 

4) Reality

Perhaps whats most appealing about the movie is how close to reality it is. 

This is not an action movie, nor a thriller, much lest a horror movie. It is a piece of art that weaves the story of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters and relates it to us. 

They don't travel around in fancy cars or planes. They take the bus, like us.

Like us, they fall sick. And they die. They, unlike most fictional characters in the Hollywood universe, are actually human. 

They experience pain and fear. They remain strong, but it's not the kind of unreasonable strength we often see in movies. It's a faltering, fragile, kind of strength. And that's the best kind of strength there is.

5) The Acting

Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort are beyond doubt, highly talented actors.

Their acting makes the movie so believable. And the chemistry between them? Sizzling.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Wanted to try writing something different hehe.


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