Friday, June 6, 2014

Walking In The Rain

It's Saturday!!! And its a very special day :) 

This week seemed to pass really really slowly. Time was crawling like a snail. Yesterday at work, I felt sudden pangs of pain in my stomach. It was reminiscent of my stomach flu the other day. It got so painful it was unbearable. I headed out for lunch to get something warm, but during lunch I decided that I needed to ask my supervisor if I could go home. I headed back to the office but halfway, it started pouring heavily. Neither of us brought an umbrella, so some of us headed down to buy umbrellas. In the meantime, I stood under the shelter watching the heavy rain. There was an old man standing right in front of me. With no indication, he suddenly ran out into the pouring rain. I was absolutely shocked. He was completely drenched as he briskly walked towards his destination, probably a bus stop some distance away. I waited for someone with an umbrella to shelter him, but no one did so. Everyone simply minded their own business, even those with umbrellas walking behind and beside him. They even seemed to be going to the same place! I was aghast. Why did no one offer to shelter him?! I prayed that he would quickly reach his destination. 

As I waited, the rain became less heavy. By that time, we were equipped with small umbrellas that were newly bought. We headed back to the office, with me being fearful that I would fall and injure my knee even further because the floor was incredibly slippery. Thankfully no such thing happened, and I reached the office safely. 

When I approached the office, the pangs of pain in my stomach were milder, less painful. So I decided to take a stomach medicine given by one of the interns, and continue working rather than asking to go home. Throughout, the pain seemed to come and go. It was a throbbing pain in my abdomen that felt horrible. I could feel the blood draining from my face. Nevertheless, I survived the entire day in the office. 

Thank goodness it was a Friday.

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