Wednesday, June 18, 2014

ZALORA Friday The 13th Party



The group of us interns decided to change our Skype profile pictures to pictures of minions because according to this article, interns are just like minions!!!

Speaking of which, I have been interning for more than a month already!!! Time flies :O 

Anyway! Last Friday, I attended the ZALORA Friday The 13th Party at Wavehouse Sentosa. I was slightly nervous because I didn't know how I was gonna 'party' with my leg still injured. Thankfully, I had an awesome bunch of friends who were so helpful and guided around the places that were hard for me to walk on.

Happened to wear the same print as Joyce and Paige. And the 'worst' thing is, we were sitting in the same row hahaha. We were so shocked when we saw each other. Also, please do not judge my slippers!!! I was only wearing slippers because the party was at a beach! Alot of people in the office wore slippers that day too hehe.

Taking the tram to Wavehouse hehe.

Was trying to photobomb them hahaha.

Our 'Ah Lian' pose.

The party went well and we all pretty much enjoyed ourselves!

Okay, till next time hehe 

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