Wednesday, August 13, 2014


So, you may or may not know that I've been interning at ZALORA for the past three months of summer break. It's technically my first internship so I was pretty bummed when I realised I'd have to turn up in crutches. The first day of work garnered me numerous stares because of my very conspicuous pair of crutches and leg brace.

This was on the second (?) week of work. I was still wearing that horrid leg brace.

I was pretty fortunate to have coincidentally bumped into the group of NTU interns that I got along with so well, despite being the only intern from NUS.

I remember going to this particular cafe (shall withhold name lol) and they asked if we were willing to sit at the high table because they did not have enough available tables. Me, being in crutches, would have difficulty sitting at the high table, so we had to squeeze into another table with a group of strangers. 

We got closer in the subsequent weeks and decided to go to The Cathay to catch 'Maleficent' one Monday. It was basically the highlight of the week haha.

Went for the ZALORA Friday The 13th Party at Wavehouse Sentosa. 

Our regular Friday pictures in the pantry hehe.

The NTU interns left ZALORA two weeks before my internship ended. These are some of the last pictures we took together before they left.

And finally~

It was the last second week of my internship. My boss, Thomas, was on leave on my last week, so we had an advanced team farewell meal of Salmon Don and Matcha Latte.

When my last day of internship finally came, I had no idea what to feel exactly. On one hand, I was ecstatic to finally be able to embark on my long-awaited vacation, while on the other, I knew that I would miss the amazing people that I've met in the office throughout my three months there. 

Working at ZALORA has been an all-around pleasant experience, and I feel really grateful being able to meet these amazing people that have guided me throughout these three months. I have indeed learned plenty throughout my time there. Now that school has started, I miss the office so much more. 

Ah well~

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