Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Knock knock!
I'm waiting!

Oh here you are.
Look at you.
Same eyes, same arms, same smile!

But wait!

Is it the lack of glimmer in
your eye?
Is it the flaccid joy in 
your expression?

Are you...


I think I know 
you. But now I'm not sure.

Why would that 
same lean fingers 
wrap themselves around
toxic poison?

The you I know, 
you wouldn't.

So why have 
you changed?

Where's the old
you? The one who laughs genuinely, twinkle in
your eye?

Come back to us, to
us who care.

Monday, September 29, 2014


People confuse me.

One moment they're saying this, and then the other...

Something entirely different happens.

It's as if the world is a web of lies and deceit.

I am shrouded in a fog that is so thick.

It's hard to escape.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


It's critical to me. 
You stop messing with me.

Friday, September 19, 2014


This fracture has 
painted our
colors in reverse.

white over black;
black over white.

Roses and bloom in a
time well past,
shadows and gloom in a
choiceless fluke.

Harsh words that
penetrate my, I reluctantly
selfish alacrity.

Paint dries, yet 
beneath lies
buried marks; scars
that sometimes

unhinge our shallow
facades until it
peels, and
visible is that

white underneath black;
black underneath white.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rambles #2

I was randomly surfing Youtube when I saw this video on the sidebar and clicked on it:

Gosh, the memories that this song brings back.

I remember watching this show back when I was in Japan.

Gen and I would camp in her room at night after all the activities have ended and start watching this show. We would watch 2, at most 3, episodes every night. 

We even watched it on the bus while we were travelling to Yamanaka Lake!

And I remember crying almost every episode -.-

I've never been a fan of Korean dramas, but when I was younger I'd watch these shows:

My favorite was of course, Full House.

It's funny how I managed to learn Korean for almost two years without being a fan of Kpop or Korean dramas -.-"'

Anyway, under YX's recommendation, I started watching this drama:

Oh boy, I loved it!

It was funny, dramatic, everything I enjoyed in a drama! I even got H to watch it with me!

And I also watched this melodrama:

Which got me crying like mad.

And then I went on a Korean drama-watching hiatus. Haha.

Or maybe I should say I went back to watching American sitcoms like HIMYM and dramas like Pretty Little Liars (which I gave up watching after the second season).

Then many people started recommending me a certain Korean drama.

And it was this one:

I started watching it every night and I enjoyed it so much!

As of now, this is the most recent Korean drama I've watched.

Do recommend me some Korean dramas! I love watching them, although it takes a lot to get me to continue watching the entire series because I often stop watching them after, like, the second or third episode? You can drop me a recommendation on the ask.fm box on the right-hand side of my blog!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Guess what?

I miss Hong Kong.

I'm sitting down at one of the benches in school. My lessons have just ended half an hour ago. 

And wanderlust plagues me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


smell of
Familiarity; dependence

Sheltered from the 
harshness of
Moving on

you are, to a 
Memory; a 

Visage of a 
Nonexistence that
no longer
Belongs or yearns 

Let go, I beg
Torture it may be,
I wish to see you



Monday, September 15, 2014


I think I have finally figured out what being an adult entails.

- Knowing the right things to do and say at the right time.
- Taking on greater duties and being responsible for them
- Operating in a world that will not hesitate to banish you

Being an adult is a scary full-time job.

Perhaps that's why I never understood why children cannot wait to grow up. I cannot understand why in the midst of all that youthfulness, they want to start experiencing the bitterness that maturity can entail.  

Time and time again, adults have warned us of the unpleasantness in life. Yet, as children, we fail to listen. Regret only appears when the right time has abandoned us.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Turning 21

My 21st birthday was a simple affair.

I know that most people, when they turn 21, throw a huge birthday party. But I personally feel that a birthday is a very intimate event. And to me, 21 is but a number. I mean, what actually changes? Besides the fact that you get to watch R21 movies and enter casinos.

I don't mean to debase the sanctity of a 21st birthday. To me, any birthday is significant. After all, who wouldn't value the moment you get to inhale life and enjoy every minute of it?

I just wanted to thank my lovely family (including H) for the wonderful surprise, and my friends for bestowing me with kind wishes. I feel extremely blessed to have such a memorable birthday. 

And yay! I'm finally 21! ~

Monday, September 1, 2014

Update #6

Been missing those days I spent in Hong Kong recently. This was the view at The Peak. The sky was so blue, and the scenery, simply amazing. I had expected Hong Kong to be much like Singapore, but I guess I had underestimated just how much of Hong Kong's land is solely for nature rather than people.

Was craving the churros I ate in Hong Kong Disneyland the other day. I am such a huge fan of churros, but I rarely get to eat them sigh.

Tried the Cheesy 7 Pockets Pizza at Pizza Hut the other day. It was CRAZY CHEESY. There were huge chunks of un-melted cheese atop the pizza. Cheese lovers should definitely tried this! Cheese level: Intense.

Went to the Singapore Gardens Festival last last weekend. This was one of my favourite exhibits. I feel like this was a stunning example of the constant blend of nature and modernity. It captured the fast pace of human civilization and the placidity of nature in one "living room". I applaud the artist for this astounding design.

Met this trio for a late dinner the other day. Our outing was completed with a lovely Korean Barbeque buffet, as well as Llao Llao for dessert. I simply cannot get over how good Llao Llao is! But the queue is OH MY GOD (if you get what I mean).

Til next time then ~