Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rambles #4

Oh gosh I've been eating a lot lately.

I guess it has been a really stressful period of time at school and eating has been therapeutic for me. I can eat for hours on end, and then get hungry again minutes lately. I wouldn't be surprised if I gained more than 2kg over this weekend.

Honestly, I feel so tired and sick of school. The assignments are piling up. When I've finished one, another springs up. They never stop coming.

A teacher once told me that JC life will be the worst period of my life. He said that those 2 years would be the most stressful, and I would be able to relax in university. But it seems now that he was wrong.

University is tough.

Don't get me wrong, there is definitely a price to pay for a degree. But how I wish it wasn't so stressful. 

I haven't even had the time to update Sunnyfoodbunny. Although I did manage to squeeze in one post about Kimchi!

Ah well, back to my yummy-licious food now!

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