Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rambles #6

Is it weird if I've been having recurring irrational fears surrounding my leg?

It all started after my ligament injury. I began to visualize scenarios such as my leg breaking into two and my knee bone protruding out from the bloody wound. It's a horrific image, and it makes me so afraid. Because of that, I've been really careful when I'm walking or climbing stairs.

Perhaps it all really began when I saw pictures from the London riot a few years back. There was one which really struck me hard. It was a photo of a bone protruding out of a person's bloodied leg. Now, I'm a person who watches gore in movies all the time. I am often unfazed by the fictional portrayals of such grotesque injuries. But when I saw the real thing for the first time, I felt so nauseous that I had to quickly avert my gaze. But it was too late. The image remained stuck in my brain. 

After my ligament injury, I became very protective of my legs. I am aware of how weak they are, and I'm terrified that I would hurt them again. Because of my old injury, I've been falling over occasionally when someone accidentally bumps into me or if I just made a wrong turn. And the pain is almost always excruciating. Sure, it definitely isn't as painful as tearing your ligament. But it hurts, and I don't want to experience that kind of pain anymore.

Now that I have recovered (still can't run or climb stairs properly though), I maintain this rancid fear of getting injured.


Saturday, November 22, 2014


So, reading week is over and finals are approaching.

I'm relieved that I've finally secured an internship for next semester, but I do feel that inevitable stress pounding inside.

I'm not sure if it's the stress, but I've gained quite a lot of weight recently. Boo.

Recently I've been thinking aplenty. Sometimes I really wonder what is going on in others' heads. I would like to know what they are thinking, and whether they keep certain memories in their brains.

It's funny how I'm supposed to be studying, but yet here I am, posting a blog post and indulging in pensive reverie.

To lighten the mood a little, here's a picture of the amazing Nando's I had the other day:

We ordered the meal platter for two. It was pretty huge. One whole chicken (2 halfs) and 2 regular sides (You can choose 1 large side). We got the mild Peri Peri chicken, with garlic bread and fries (with sprinkles on top). I have to recommend the garlic bread. It's fantastic, really. 

Til next time then ~

Oh and if you're free, do check out SunnyFoodBunny! I just updated it with a post about 5 junk food items I love recently :)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rambles #5

It's finally Reading Week!!!

Many of my friends have been fretting over how exams are coming but all I feel is sweet relief from the throes of school.

Okay, I'm exaggerating.

But I've been feeling so exhausted from school lately that its kinda nice to have a sort of reprieve. Although this short break still requires intense studying, of which I haven't really started yet because of my awful period cramps.

Seems really unglamorous to be talking about this publicly, but I need a platform to complain!!! 

I hate period cramps. Period (Pun intended).

After having visited the doctor several times, fainting, and tearing my ligament, I have finally realized that my cramps are extraordinarily painful. And I mean, REALLY EXTRAORDINARY. In a negative way. 

I have asked several female friends who told me that they've had slight cramps, but nothing as serious as mine. They all seemed really shocked when I told them that I had the tendency to faint when I experienced period cramps.

Ah well...

So to cheer myself up today, and also to start the day right, I went to get Kaya toast with butter, half-boiled eggs (YUM) and teh for breakfast!

A true Singaporean classic. 

And for dinner.... Homemade Seafood Marinara! 

Not cooked by me by the way. I can't cook for nuts -.-"'

Monday, November 10, 2014

Dining Alone

Today I'm going to address an issue that has been in my mind for quite some time.

The social stigma attached to dining alone.

Too often, I've heard people complain about having to eat alone, or not having company for lunch breaks etc. It really makes one wonder, why is there such a huge social stigma attached to eating alone? Is there something wrong with that?

I have had friends who refused to wait at the table alone for fear of being seen sitting alone. Heck, I have had friends who gossip about people eating alone, who surmise that those who dine alone must be loners without friends, or simply "pathetic".

But why must people who eat alone be seen in such a negative light? Why must they be pitied by those surrounded by "lunch buddies"?

I myself love eating alone. It's a really revelatory time where you really get to ponder. What's more, it's never awkward. Not that I don't enjoy having company while eating. I love that too.

My ex-colleague, who is a by and large wonderful person, once apologized for leaving me to half-an-hour of lunch alone. She had been preoccupied with work and had lost track of time even after I had reminded her. But she was not obligated to apologize! It was not her fault when there was nothing wrong with dining alone in the first place.

Similarly, I once spotted an old man sitting alone in a restaurant, sipping on a cup of coffee and enjoying some alone time while reading on his tablet. My company immediately lauded the former for his "courage". But what was there to be praised? If there was anything specially commendable about that act, it would be that he was exceptionally conscientious to reading the news. 

My point is: Eating alone is not something to be praised, nor is it something to be debased.

It is simply an act, just like watching television and surfing the Internet.

It brings to mind a recent topic that I studied in one of my school modules. How many things we take for granted are actually social constructs.

Take for instance, race. We are all innately human beings. Besides culture and physical differences, who's to say who is more superior? Which brings us to the point of social constructs. Society manipulates subjects at a young age, such that the notion of race as a marker of behavior and stereotypes are taken for granted. Such is the notion of gender as well.

I hope this article helps those who find themselves plagued with the pressuring social stigma that is placed upon such activities like dining. It is not wrong to eat alone, or with friends. If you simply feel like dining alone, go ahead and do so without fear of being judged. No one has the right to judge you.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


You didn't know what you were looking for
Till you heard the voices in your ear
You didn't know what you were looking for
Till you heard the voices in your ear