Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rambles #5

It's finally Reading Week!!!

Many of my friends have been fretting over how exams are coming but all I feel is sweet relief from the throes of school.

Okay, I'm exaggerating.

But I've been feeling so exhausted from school lately that its kinda nice to have a sort of reprieve. Although this short break still requires intense studying, of which I haven't really started yet because of my awful period cramps.

Seems really unglamorous to be talking about this publicly, but I need a platform to complain!!! 

I hate period cramps. Period (Pun intended).

After having visited the doctor several times, fainting, and tearing my ligament, I have finally realized that my cramps are extraordinarily painful. And I mean, REALLY EXTRAORDINARY. In a negative way. 

I have asked several female friends who told me that they've had slight cramps, but nothing as serious as mine. They all seemed really shocked when I told them that I had the tendency to faint when I experienced period cramps.

Ah well...

So to cheer myself up today, and also to start the day right, I went to get Kaya toast with butter, half-boiled eggs (YUM) and teh for breakfast!

A true Singaporean classic. 

And for dinner.... Homemade Seafood Marinara! 

Not cooked by me by the way. I can't cook for nuts -.-"'

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