Saturday, March 7, 2015

Dayre #2

TGIF Post on Dayre

Good morning everybody!

I'm so happy because today is FRIDAY  *spams emojis like an insane woman*

My favourite Soup Spoon for lunch!!!!

Had a kaya bun for breakfast this morning, but upon arriving at the office, my dearest intern friend gave me a ham and cheese croissant that she had prepared! It was yummylicious! 

The most unfortunate thing occurred at the office today.

Upon returning back to the office from lunch, my colleague told me that the toilets were all clogged. She went upstairs and discovered that the toilets there were clogged too! 

This was really bad news for someone like me who uses the toilet pretty frequently. Twice I had to go all the way down to the ground floor to use the toilet. 

Thankfully the office management was really efficient and the toilet issue was fixed in around an hour.
Can I just express how happy I am that today is Friday? 

Hahaha I'm insane. With joy.

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