Friday, March 13, 2015

Dayre #4

Good afternoon ~

Today is a happy day because it's FRIDAY! Even though I'm having a constant headache. 

Can't wait to end work so that I can finally go home and get some well deserved sleep  

I didn't post anything yesterday because I think there was something wrong with the server and I couldn't get anything uploaded. So here goes!

Yesterday's lunch:

Super delicious salad my mommy whipped up, coupled with steamy miso soup and some cabbage and mushrooms dish.
Mad delicious chicken soup udon 

Even more delicious oyster miso soup udon! 

I'm in love with Japanese dishes. 

I still remember vividly the taste of that AMAZING ramen I had on my first night in Tokyo 3 years ago. It was a cold winter night, and that lovely bowl of HOT ramen... SHIOK!
I was ecstatic to be able to catch the Sleeping Beauty ballet performance by the Singapore Dance Theatre last night. I've been a fan of ballet performances since I was young. I love watching the beautiful ballerinas prancing around gracefully onstage.

Anyway, here's my dinner before the performance:

What are burgers without fries right? RIGHT?! 

*nods vehemently*

Tried the burger and fries at The Burger Bar. It was a novel experience for me, being able to customize my own burger. 

As someone who hates tomatoes, I'm glad I was able to choose what goes into my burger and what doesn't. 

I chose a Honey oat bun, with grilled chicken, lettuce and BACON. Then I added cheese fries and a drink into my order.

My lovely burger.

Anyway, we headed to the Esplanade theatre after dinner to finally catch the performance I've been waiting for!

The performance was wonderful!

It's my second time watching Sleeping Beauty but I was equally enthralled as the first time I watched it.

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