Monday, March 9, 2015

Outdated Post

Okay so tonight, I've decided to do an actual blog post.

If you're interested, I post daily (almost) on my Dayre so you can check it out :)

Had a team lunch on my first "monthsary" at work. It was to celebrate a colleague's birthday. We went to an Italian restaurant where we had the following:

I totally forgot the name of this dish. All I remember is that it was basically thin sashimi slices coupled with a huge chunk of cheese (that 'egg' looking thing).

My main course was Seafood Marinara, which is my absolute favourite pasta!

This one was packed full of mussels, clams and squid. It was the first time I had eaten a Marinara that had so much seafood in it. Worth every penny :p

Dessert was Lemon Sorbet. The sorbet was actually stuffed inside the lemon that you see above. I was so amazed by it because that's an ingenious idea! 

Super 'jelat' Tomato Cream Udon at this Japanese restaurant in Clarke Quay. The portion was HUGE (as you can tell from the picu.

Had this wonderful seafood meal one weekend at Manhatten Fish Market :) 

As you can see, I'm absolutely obsessed with seafood. Maybe its because I had a seafood allergy a year back, and now that I've kinda 'recovered' from it, my body is craving for it immensely.


Had lunch at Platypus Kitchen one week. The above is the restaurant's Pumpkin soup and the main dish: Lobster Roll.

It was my first time trying pumpkin soup so I was pleasantly surprised when it tasted sweet. I've never really been a big fan of pumpkin so I'm a noob when it comes to pumpkin dishes. 

The lobster roll was REALLY GOOD. It had huge chunks of lobster in it. I admit, I had half expected the lobster to be negligible but I'm so glad it didn't turn out like that! The truffle fries that accompanied the roll were exceptional as well. 

Had a wonderful dinner with the girls at Beer Market one Friday night. It was great to spend some quality time with them while enjoying the live music.

Beer Market works with an intriguing concept where the beer prices are constantly responding to demand. It's kinda like shares? So if more people are buying a particular beer, then the price for that beer will keep increasing. But like the real world, the bubble will eventually burst when prices get too high, and the price for the beer would drop substantially until the demand pushes the price upwards again. 

Interesting huh? 

I had initially wanted to try their Banana Bread Beer but the price was way too high so I settled for a Pear Cider instead.

 Lunch at Genki Sushi was fantastic!! I found the whole 'automated delivery' thing highly fascinating. Call me "suaku", but I really enjoyed the experience! Particularly because the next day was CNY Eve hehehe :X 

Last week's Nando's dinner. If you always face a dilemma in choosing sides to go with your Peri peri chicken at Nando's, I highly recommend the garlic bread. It's delicious.

Steak dinner just three days ago at Hot Tomatoes.

Til next time then ~

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