Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dim Sum Mania

When you're working in the CBD, its really difficult to find somewhere with cheap and good food. 

You're often limited to overpriced restaurants or dining outlets.

Right next to my office building is this 'food court' named Food Garden. The place comprises of mostly pricey food such as Imperial Treasure and Ippudo Express. 

Esther and I decided to explore the food court the other day because we were tired of always eating at Lau Pa Sat, the cheapest dining location near our office.

And.... we found this dim sum outlet tucked in the corner of Food Garden!

I wouldn't say their food is cheap, but I do think its quite a nice find.

Here are our silly antics upon ordering their yummy Liu Sha Pau:

And here are pictures of a steamboat dinner I had with my family last weekend!

Once you start working, the weekends become a very precious commodity.

Sometimes the grass is really greener on the other side.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dayre #5


Good morning!
Suffering from the severe Monday blues today  
It has been a really tiring week at work, so I haven't had the energy to update my Dayre.

Yesterday was the funeral service of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. I headed down to a tribute center to pay my respects, then rushed back to watch the service begin. The eulogies were extremely touching, and I found myself on the edge of tears. 

I'm really glad that Singapore had such a remarkable leader, and I'm grateful for all the contributions that he has made to this place I call home.

Rest in peace, Sir.

Met up with this crazy girl the other day, where we went to eat sushi and ate chocolate lava cake plus chocolate ├ęclairs. 

It was great finally meeting up with her again! Our current predicaments are so in sync that we had an awesome htht and advise-sharing time.

Also went out for a sashimi dinner with my fellow bimbo, and had 20 slices of sashimi, wine, sake and sushi rolls. 

She told me that sashimi and sake make a good match, and that I should roll the sashimi around my mouth after drinking a mouthful of sake. I tried it, but oh man it tasted so strange to me. Perhaps that's the authentic way to eat sashimi, but I strongly prefer eating sashimi with soy sauce rather than sake hahaha.

Our first round of sashimi 

Half-eaten second round of sashimi plus sushi rolls! The sushi rolls were basically seared salmon with mozzarella cheese and some crunchy bits which I suspect were fried salmon skin.

Buey song faces hahaha.

We were making such faces for pictures on the train  

Hilarity ensued.


Good morning! 

Got up early this Tuesday morning to curl my hair but... the curls didn't last   

My curls also look a little strange as compared to the wavy locks that I've seen on others. Wanted to achieve the same "loose waves" effect but I ended up looking more like a market aunty hahaha.
Oh great my curls are all gone -.-"'

Why is it that my hair is naturally curly but when I curl my hair, the curls vanish quickly and I'm left with limp hair??? 

Lunch today was Hainanese Curry Char Siew rice! Ingredients include: rice, char siew, vegetables, egg and curry.

Then I bought a large cup of soya bean milk with grass jelly which was sooooooo tasty and refreshing!!! 
I really need to stop developing headaches at work because it really impedes my pace and greatly frustrates me.

But I don't want to rely on medicine to kill the pain because I take ALOT of panadol every month to curb the period cramps and I don't want to develop an over-reliance on painkillers.


Good afternoon!

The above is a picture of my lunch earlier. It's a piping hot bowl of luscious beef noodles. Really worth every penny because the beef was tender and flavorsome! I could almost hear a "toing" sound as i ate it.

Also bought a blackcurrant flavored agar agar (jelly) as my dessert and it was sooooo nice!