Friday, June 19, 2015

Malacca Diaries Part Two - 1

Earlier, I uploaded my Malacca Diaries Part One!

Here comes Part Two - 1 of my Malacca Diaries ~

We woke up early the next morning, bright with anticipation for the long day ahead.

Taking a picture as if I was going to eat the hi-tea buffet hahaha :X

Our first stop that day was to a Dimsum place for breakfast. 

The eatery was meant to be somewhat famous. We were not surprised to see a long queue when we arrived.

And so we queued.

I mentioned earlier in Part One that the Malacca natives had a unique way of ordering. This applied to the dimsum as well. 

The dimsum was DELICIOUS. 

The portions were small but satisfying. My favorite dimsum was the Liu Sha Bao. 

The Liu Sha Bao oozed with saccharine goodness when I pried it upon. Unfortunately, my butter fingers caused the warm liquid within to burn my little finger. I almost dropped the Bao in terror.

When I finally tasted the incredible Bao, I was instantly addicted. I had to order two additional plates to satisfy my intense craving.

After breakfast, we went to a popular shop - Nadeje for some Crepe Cake!

Nom nom nom.

I can safely say that the crepe cakes were comparable to Lady M's. It was luscious and creamy. Very yummy indeed!

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